The Fomor Prophecy

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There was nothing but pressing darkness now....

For many centuries it had kept its lonely vigil beside the ruins on that windswept field, bearing its warning for those who came near. With the passage of time nature had taken her revenge on its intrusion; the stone surface became etched and worn by continual assault. So much time passed by as centuries became millennia, and the wind and rain from the ocean clawed ceaselessly to erase the letters carved by those long forgotten. Not that anyone could have understood the ancient Ogham symbols carved in fear.

Eventually the ground gave way and it fell heavily onto the soft earth. With the passing years, grass crept gradually over until its burial was complete. There was nothing but pressing darkness now.   

When Ken Fallon arrived on the wild Aran Island of Inishmore that hot summer morning, all his troubles seemed so far away. The small cottage beside the windswept field was the new start he needed; it was perfection. Unfortunately he was about to discover that he can run from his past but not from his future. Perfection always comes at a price.

Unknowingly he was the key to unlock a prophecy foretold millennia before; The Fomor Prophecy.

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