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At 490 pages there is a lot to read here, which in the case of The Fomor Prophecy is definitely a GOOD thing. Having reviewed a number of titles for other websites, I am always weary of large books. This one is generously sized because it has a big story to tell with interesting characters in diverse locations. It is based loosely on a number of historical events and places all leading the main character, Ken Fallon, to an unusual confrontation.
We follow Ken's journey of discovery to what has happened, and what is happening around him. It is set in the idyllic Aran Islands as summer turns to winter, in the same way as his youthful naivety matures to sharp realisation about the world he is living in. All the characters are believable with quirks and agendas of their own, their actions are sensible for the situations they are placed in; no shouting "look out behind you" at the pages here. There is a firm streak of underlying humour mainly at the expense of the lead character that nicely offsets some of the involved themes on offer. The action rolls along at a good pace with some fine set scenes; particularly with the cat and the firefight, and the reluctant news reporting team.
The story is what I call faction - part fact/part fiction. It is an outstanding archeological detective story that entertains with every page, and the book's website provides a wealth of background information. So you can try before you buy.
I personally would have liked the emotional relationship between Ken and Cait developed further and there are a number of loose ends that conveniently leave the door open for a sequel. All in all an excellent read. Go ahead and treat know you're worth it.

A five star review

The Fomor Prophecy is an excellent combination of novel and facts with satisfying sprinklings of fantasy, sci-fi and conspiracies theories, along with a healthy dash of humour and irony. These themes are woven together in a believable story that is an absolute page turner. I read it 24 hours even though it is 490 pages!

The novel is based around Ken Fallon's experiences and follows him to the mystic Aran Islands that are steeped in legend. The central theme of the book is how he uncovers an ancient mystery and how this impacts in the present day.

It is a well written and researched novel with enough facts to make it believable and enough fiction to keep you gripped. It leaves you wishing for a sequel!

The Fomor Prophecy is reminiscent of Kate Mosse's Labyrinth and Dan Brown. It is a fantastic effort for a first novel and is well worth taking the time to read.

A five star review

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